Shepherds of the Flock

elders shepherd, oversee, lead, and care for the local church

Eternal's Elders are ministers of the Word and facilitators of church vision.


Life can get messy. 

Where do you go when your marriage is hurting? Who can you talk to about job loss or insecurity about the future? How do you deal with past or present hurts out of faith, and not out of fear? Our HELPS Deacons want to walk with you through the confusion and mess and get to a place of growth and health. If you need help, you know where to go...


"we are always one or the other – we are either hosts, or we are guests."

~ Rosaria Butterfield, the gospel comes with a house key

Everyone wants a place to belong...to know and to become known. 

Eternal Church has been nomadic and mobile since its inception 15 years ago. Whenever and wherever we gather, we seek to create a welcoming environment for our all of us...whether visitors or regulars! We build potential for community connection by creating safe and Spirit-centric spaces for people to know each other and to become known. Our HOSPITALITY Deacons help put people to work at creating these welcoming environments where outsiders can come in, and strangers can become friends and family.


Stewards of structures and stuff. 

Whether it's caring for the space that we temporarily lease for worship on Sundays, or caring for "The Shack" office space that God has blessed us with for midweek activities, our PROPERTY Deacons keep eyes and hands on our facilities and equipment to make sure it stays in good working condition. If you're a tinkerer and looking for a place to serve or see something in our facilities that needs fixing, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Meet your Elders.

Chuck Williams


Jim Ingerslew

John Sittema

Jonathan Sickert

Larry Hood

Mark Sivak

Scott Cunningham

Shawn Robinson

Tom Harvey